2014 winter Break Curriculum 寒假密集班

The best choice of winter break
for kids is CHESS ! 
Every Morning from 10:30-12:00
1/21-24 : Lesson for Beginners 入門班
1/27-29 : Lesson for Advanced  中階班

Call us at 02-27095111 or 0932017761  for more information.


  1. 請問:
    1. 寒假密集入門班和中階班費用分別是多少?
    2. 你們平時和周末上班時間是幾點到幾點?

  2. Hello,

    My name is Jeremy Mandelkern and I’ll be visiting Taipei 12/12-1/7. I’m a USCF Candidate Master with a 2175 USCF rating. I’d be interested in participating in events at your chess school during my stay in Taiwan (Guest Lectures, Simuls, Tournaments, etc…). If such participation is deemed a benefit to your school:

    My email: mandelkernj@easternflorida.edu

    Jeremy Mandelkern

  3. Dear Jeremy Mandelkern,

    Thank you for the interest in participating our events. Due to all the events were set up 3 months ago by schedules by quarter, it would be good to send us your visit earlier next time.

    Have a good stay in Taiwan !

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