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2016 World Championship in New York

Game 1, Draw The FWCM 2016 shall be played over a maximum of twelve (12) games and the winner of the match shall be the first player to score 6.5 points or more. If the scores are level after the regular twelve (12) games, after a new drawing of colors, four (4) tie-break games shall be played. Full and details

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Congratulations to Coach Hainan Yang for the competition at Hungry, Budapest and Kecskemet in Dec , 2015

【堅持的力量】熱烈祝賀在匈牙利Kecskemet剛剛結束的國際大師組比賽中,楊海南老師獲得一個國際大師序分International Master Norm,國際積分暴漲84分。半個月前在匈牙利首都布達佩斯的國際大師組比賽中國際積分漲36分,兩個比賽累積了120分!FIDE官網報道原文Yang Hainan (CHN) collected 36 rating points by disciplined, hard working manner. 在過去台灣西洋棋進學校講習和B級C級教練講習中,楊老師反復提到堅持的力量,他自己也一直在實踐著,榜樣的力量是無窮的,既是驚喜也是感動,再次祝賀!  

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