Branch Locations

1. The Mission

Our mission is to develop chess educational  systems to help Taiwan students via chess-in-schools programs, and extend the influential power to help adults chess fans, it is necessary to set up branches & clubs among Taiwan geographic coverage.

Our priority:

  1. we cultivate tutors  to coach students first then followed by chess fans of adults.
  2. In order to do this, we design training programs by level to support our coach/tutor team members to better teach students from schools.
  3. And we write-up training & chess materials to keep up the teaching quality and make sure the lesson plans are in place.
  4. Lastly, we also organize national & area chess tournaments periodically for students and adults to exam their learning progress, to seek for improvement in skills and knowledge.
  5. By chance, we arrange overseas trip to take part Asian or Worldwide tournaments which we work with reliable chess organizations to offer a chance for students’ further learning in different format.

In general speaking, we would like to replicate our first set-up in modeling in both branch style & club format.

  • For branch, it will be opened more than 6 days a week.  
  • For club, it will only open at limited time to accommodate chess players. 

Taiwan Chase Chess Academy is a leading chess academy in Taiwan ! 


2. Locations

Head office : Da an District, Taipei City

established back to 2010. Address : Google Map here for you to find us

reception area  家長休息室


Taoyuan Branch : Taoyuan District, Taoyuan City 

Established on 2014, Sep 12.

委員會附設教室 001 Taoyuan Branch









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