Show case : TES Chess ECA Program Introduction

Chess-in-School  Show Case

TES (Taipei European School)  is one of chess educational schools which have dedicated resources & efforts in Taiwan.

We started to send chess coach to train up TES student from 2012, After 3 years’ efforts, in 2015, we sent coaches to teach Taipei European School (TES) students who have joined the ECA, basics & advanced chess lesson programs  in every Monday ( Advanced 1)  , Tuesday (Advanced 1 Section) , Thursday ( Basics )  & Friday (Advanced 2 Section )  afternoon. Chess lessons now become one of TES’s most popular ECA programs.

Taipei European School

We also initiated a joint-hosted School Cup Tournament in an annual basis, every November.

team competition

We co-hold chess activities, such as competitions. The record high history event in 2015  was the biggest team competition on Nov 1st , 94 teams, nearly 300 players participated from different schools in Taiwan.  We are fully engaged to TES with chess activities. 

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