Achievement & Prowess

Quoted from TES ( Taipei European School) newsletter, here is the link for more info.

TES Pupils Demonstrate Chess Prowess

Aidan won the certificate 20130519_140037

Last month, two TES pupils provided more evidence of how well the chess development programme is
progressing at TES. Ethan Liang (Year 1) took part in a Kindergarten competition in Xindian and finished
2nd out 27 participants. Moreover, in the national Under 10 chess championships, Aidan Mayall (Year 5),
the TES primary school chess champion, finished 4th out of 49 children. If it hadn’t been for an unlucky
draw in the fourth round of his competition, Aidan would have won the tournament and been the national
under 10 champion!
Aidan and Ethan, along with many other TES primary school children, regularly attend the coaching sessions of our professional chess coach, Tony Lee. Due to popular demand, from September 2013 Tony will
be coaching an extra session at TES for beginners in the Infants. This will mean that children will be able to
learn chess four times a week after school. Tony Lee will be offering coaching sessions at his paid ECA 3
times a week (2 sessions for advanced players and 1 for beginners in the Infants) and I will be running my
free ECA once a week for junior school children.
If your child has some free time over the holidays and you would like your child to play chess, Chase Chess
regularly hosts chess competitions in different venues around Taipei. Chase Chess also offers chess lessons to children and adults of different levels. More information can be found at the following website:
Finally, I’m pleased to let you know that the Chinese Taipei Chess Association have announced that after
the success of the chess competition we hosted last year, TES will be hosting another prestigious chess
competition on Sunday, 3rd November, 2013. More details will follow next term!
By Matthew Fagg (Year 5 teacher and Primary Maths Coordinator)


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