Regulations of July Monthly Tournament on 31, 10:00am to 5pm 月賽通知

July Monthly Tournament : 

Chinese Regulations:才思積分月賽通知 7/31, 10:00-5:00

  1. 各位家長各位棋手,經歷了三月到六月忙碌的比賽季節 ,相信各位有了充分的學習與參與。
    我們在7/31 星期日恢復每個月最後一個星期天的月賽。由於是暑假期間,早上10:00 就開始比賽。能參加的各級棋手歡迎報名。
  2. 比賽目的: 本月賽以訓練精進棋藝為最終目標,因此只分兩組。我們將廣邀成人棋手參賽,做為訓練基礎。
  3. 比賽辦法 :
    3-1. 分組,局數與時間控制 :
    * 公開組 5 rounds , 25 min , 每步 10 sec
    * U12組 7 rounds,   每方 15 min
  4. 配對 : Swiss system 4
  5. 參賽對象:


       6. 報名費: NT$400  中午不供餐。

       7. 比賽地點: 才思西洋棋學院教室 ( 台北市復興南路2段151巷8號2樓之2 )

      8.  報名 E mail: 或 電話: 0932017761

English Regulations: Monthly Tournament on July 31, 10 am to 5 pm

  1. Summer vacation is the best timing for playing chess tournaments. We resume our Monthly Tournament in July.
  2. Objectives: We hold competition to increase your capability of chess. Our monthly tournament is aiming for making progress in chess.
  3. Rules:  Section, No. of Rounds, Time Control

Open Section: 5 Rounds, 25 min for each player,  10 sec per move.

U12 Section: 7 Rounds, 15 min for each player

4. Paring : Swiss System

5. Suggested Eligible player :

For Open, adults or those who play for better chess skills  and knowledge with strong competition.

For U12, For those who learn and play chess less than 2 years. Practice makes perfect players.

6. Fee: NT$400 ( Exclude lunch box)

7. Venue: Taiwan Chase Chess Academy

8. Registration e-mail: or ring us at 0932-017-761


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