2015 The Last Monthly Tournament on Dec 27th Afternoon From 1:30-5:30 pm & Year End Party

Dear Chess Friends, 

After the  last monthly tournament on Dec 27 , we will be heading for 2016 !  Come and Play to meet your chess friends and tell them Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !


2015 最後一次積分月賽與年終歡聚開始報名。
時間: 12/27 星期日下午1:30-5:30
活動方式: 大小棋手分組比賽
1: 新人組,每人200元, 下5或7輪。 學棋一年以下。
2: 教練組,凡是已在學校或棋院正式執教的教練免費 , 任何小棋手挑戰者每人400元。下4輪。每方25分鐘不加秒。
3: 公開組, 泛指成人西洋棋愛好者, 每人200元。自成一組。



Regulations : English Version 

Date & Time: Dec 27th, 1:30pm – 5:30 pm 

Sections & fee : 

  1. Beginners Section : chess players are below one year lessons, fee is NT$200. 5 Rounds at least can be expected. 
  2. Coach Section  :  For those who are teaching at primary school or chess academy will be free of charge. For anyone would like to challenge coaches , can play this section, will be charged NT$400 per player.      Time control for this section : 25 min without any incremental.      4 rounds can be expected. 
  3. Open Section: Designed for chess fans or chess lovers. Adults players will be eligible for this section. Fee is NT$200 per player. 

Taiwan Chase Chess Academy will be providing tea, coffee, and delicious Le Coin Du Pain bakery for all players. 

Let’s play and heading for 2016 together !!!


Monthly Tournament & Year End Party , chess , chase chess

Monthly Tournament & Year End Party , chess , chase chess

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