Taiwan Chess Academy News

Summer chess camp and 6/29 Taiwan Club Rating Tournament

Cancellation ! Due to packed schedule of our academy this summer camp ! Appreciate your understanding ! 由於暑期班時間表滿檔, 6/29 星期日下午月賽取消一次. 小朋友大朋友請見諒 ! 

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Taiwan Club Rating Tournament on Jun 29 ( 6/29 積分月賽報名表)

Plan your summer camp  Today !
今年的夏令營計畫就是西洋棋 ! 
課程諮詢專線: 02-27095111 or 0932-017-761
e-mail : taiwanchasechess@gmail.com
Blog in English : 活動資訊部落格 www.taipeichess.com
chess in English summer camp
Our value proposition: To promote Chess Education Excellence in order to foster player’s personality and life.
我們的價值主張: 推廣西洋棋卓越教育進而完備人格與生活

2F., No. 8, Lane 151, Sec 2, Fuxing South, Rd. Taipei| Fuxing South, Rd. Taipei, 106  Phone: 886-2-2709-5111| fax : 886-2-2709-2979



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