Taiwan Chess Academy News

Happy Mother’s Day to all chess mummy…

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Taiwan Chase Chess Academy
( Thanks for the support and photos from chess mothers ! 謝謝讓我們使用照片)

” Thank you all the chess mothers ! Without your persistence and patience, without great chess kids ! ”



Taiwan Club Rating Monthly Tournament on 5/18. REGISTRATION NOW !
For previous data ; What’s Taiwan Club Rating ? 5/18 積分月賽報名中 (前兩次比賽結果here…) 

2F., No. 8, Lane 151, Sec 2, Fuxing South, Rd. Taipei| Fuxing South, Rd. Taipei106
P: 886-2-2709-5111| www.taiwanchess.come-Mail : taiwanchasechess@gmail.com

地址: 台北市大安區復興南路二段151巷8號2樓之2


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