Taiwan Chess Academy News

Tournament : Jan.26

For the first time, we would like to build up a reliable and trusted Taiwan Club Rating system. In order to do that, we count every Taiwan Children Monthly Chess Tournament , started from Jan 2014, into the pool for calculation and accumulation purposes. The mechanism to calculate children’s rating to give them a goal for moving forward. The chess children are encouraged to play better every time in order to migrate toward the path we have structured for them through precise club rating system which would obtain common trust from chess communities in Taiwan.

Officially, Taiwan Club Rating, Taipei office, will publish the list of participants of Monthly tournaments and rating, if any, prior to the next tournament 2 weeks before or earlier by the Rating Officer. 

We also like to take the chance to announce the Taiwan Club Rating, Taipei Office, Rating Officer is Christina Wang, who owned FIDE arbiter title in the year of 2012 summer, as well as A-Grade arbiter title of Chinese Taipei Chess Association.  She will resume the work until end of 2014 to monitor the rating system and feedback management from chess communities in Taiwan.

For any further discussion , please e-mail us :                                                                                                        taiwanchasechess@gmail.com  or ring us at 02-27095111

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