National tournament News

The Schools & Club Team Chess Competition Turned Out With Perfect Ending on Nov. 中正盃西洋棋團體賽圓滿結束

Reports of Nov 2nd

On Nov 2nd, our team went to TES for the display of chess tournament on Sunday, we tried to organize the tables and chairs to meet the tournament requirements. Surprisingly to find out how lucky we were, the venue is the best one that we can find out for a competition in Taipei though.

the day before competition in TES 2013-11-02 12.55.18 2013-11-02 12.56.21 2013-11-02 12.57.38 2013-11-03 08.19.02 2013-11-03 08.23.23

During the competition : Part 1, Nov 3rd.

In the early morning, there were few parents came earlier than our team expected, especially for those who were not the TES players were actually doing ” sightseeing ” and tried to discover anything interested for them. The best thing was even the team competition was always interesting and challenging to all of participants.

2013-11-03 10.21.52 2013-11-03 10.22.06 2013-11-03 10.22.51 2013-11-03 10.23.54 2013-11-03 10.54.28 2013-11-03 11.04.28 2013-11-03 11.04.37 2013-11-03 11.04.51 2013-11-03 11.05.38 2013-11-03 14.32.13

During the competition: Part 2, Nov. 3rd.

There were few young players/students who could not have chance to team-up with players from the same school, so they had to team up with someone they may not know each other in order to win the chance to play ! Glad that we collect some good players to team-up with each other and they made friends at the end of tournament ! And, of course, some of them are good friends to team it up !

2013-11-03 14.29.02 2013-11-03 15.44.37

Trophy Time : Award the wining teams

We know the winners are always the one or only few among the participants. However, participation is everything to young players. It make them strong after tournament, and make them felt good to learn more from teachers, coaches and parents ! We only captured few winning teams, not all, for the below as of our records.

2013-11-03 16.55.35 2013-11-03 16.58.08 2013-11-03 16.59.51 2013-11-03 17.01.02 2013-11-03 17.02.04 2013-11-03 17.03.09 2013-11-03 17.21.08 2013-11-03 17.22.49 2013-11-03 17.24.25

Last but not least,

We had 70 teams this year, and we will come back again to celebrate 100 teams for next year or the year after !

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