National tournament News

2013 Taipei Youth Cup Chess Championship – New stars ( 臺北市青年盃明日之星)

New Stars Rising 

The Taipei Youth Chess Cup Championship had conducted on Jun 16, our coaches, players and members played well as usual. 

For the records, we have listed as below for outstanding ones to be new stars as well as photos took during  tournament. 

林倢寧 ( Louise ) : 3rd place, U6

張富鈞 : 5th place , U8  ( the boy is not even 6-year-old) 

Aidan : 5th place, U10

石晴安 ( Amy Shih) : 4th place, U12

莊立璿 (James Chung) : 5th place, U12

Coach Tony : 1st place, open


2013-06-16 14.13.36 2013-06-16 15.12.34 2013-06-16 15.13.00



2013-06-16 16.47.58 open session

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