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Taiwan Chase Chess Sunday-Prix Series (台灣才思西洋棋星期天半天大獎季賽 )

Taiwan Chase Chess Sunday-Prix Series (台灣才思西洋

棋星期天半天大獎季賽 )

註: 原月賽公開組

In order to continue the momentum and resources of monthly for open session for those stronger players, we changed the format and regulations for you!

Sunday-prix dates

1.     Introduction 


Taiwan Chase Chess Academy has organized monthly cash award tourneys in the past almost 3 years. We generated experiences and resources from the numerous events. We would like to dedicate more efforts in the coming years to foster even stronger players. Therefore, we changed the regulations and formats of monthly tournaments.


1.1       The Taiwan Sunday-Prix Tournaments are organized by Taiwan Chase Chess Academy. The regulation will be applied was written by Christina Wang, with titles of FA ( FIDE arbiter) and Chinese Taipei A-Grade arbiter.

星期天大獎季賽由Christina Wang, FA (世界總會裁判及臺灣A級裁判)擔任。

1.2       At any time in the course of the application of these Regulations, any circumstances that are not covered shall be addressed by Taiwan Chase Chess Academy.


2.     Format of Sunday-Prix


2.1  The Sunday-Prix will be consist of 4 half-day with 12 matches in a quarter.

2.2  The participating players must play 2 half-day for 6 matches in total in a quarter.

2.3  The any 2 half-day / 6 matches can be random which is still within the table of tournament dates for registration purpose.



3.     Qualifiers for Sunday-Prix 2013


3.1  Player’s rating above 1200 ( FIDE or Taiwan Rating ) is eligible for any quarter registration for competition.

3.2  If you are no rating player, you are also eligible for participating. However, we are not responsible for any of your frustration.


若無積分以可參賽接受挑戰. 但本學院無法顧慮您的挫折感。

4.     Tournament Rules


4.1  Each player will play in 2 of the 4 tournaments. However, if player wants to abandon any 1 half-day/3 matches results, and re-register the following half-day/3 matches shall be acceptable. The 2 best results will be counted for the final ranking.

4.2  If a player withdraws from an event after completing 50% or more of the games, the rest of his games are lost by default.

4.3  Time control: 35 minutes for the each player, no increment per move. ( swiss perfect)

棋手可參加任選之兩個星期天半天賽獲得的總分 ; 但若自覺可取得更好成績得宣布拋棄任一星期天比賽結果,再次登記當季內星期天半天賽並賽完3輪。


每星期天半天賽每輪35分鐘不加秒。(swiss perfect)

5.     Tournament Schedules

Please refer to the above-attached tables in a quarterly basis.


6.     Prize Money for each quarter 每季獎金

Placing Prizes (NT$) Prix Points
1st 2,000 100
2nd 1,500 80
3rd 1,000 50
4th 500 30

All prizes and Grand Prix ranking points are shared equally, in cases of any tied position/s.  No tie break system will be utilized for the individual Sunday-Prix  tournaments.

7. Registration fee


Registration fee for each Sunday-Prix matches is NT$200, select 2 Sunday-Pirx is NT$300, select 3 Sunday-prix is NT$450, select 4 Sunday-prix is NT$500.

每位棋手每季任選一次星期天半天賽,報名費是NT$200. 選兩個是NT$300. 選三個是NT$450. 選四個是NT$500.

8. Tournament time: 每輪比賽時間

1st round  1:00pm

2nd round  2:30pm

3rd round  4:00pm

9. Tournament venue:

Taiwan Chase Chess Academy : 2f, No. 8, Lane 151, Sec 2, Fuxing South Road, Taipei

比賽地點在臺灣才思西洋棋學院 :台北市大安區復興南路二段151巷8號2樓

10. Contact info : taiwanchasechess@gmail.com , Tel: 02-27095111 報名專線

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