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Classroom Specialized Activity Series 2 : CHESS for TEENS Program 才思西洋棋特色教學系列二 : 青少年西洋棋培育計畫

才思西洋棋特色教學系列 : Above 12 (  12歲以上 ) CHESS for TEENS

星期六造上高階班 ; 星期日早上初階班



Basically we recognized the way of communications are different for those who just turned to be teens.  They might require for more care, they become sensitive, they have experienced the changing life and features everyday ! They are not sure about many things during the growing daily life. We offered experienced chess coaches to support teens in our classrooms to be their mentors, with a little more patience , a little  more knowledgeable in chess skills, to facilitate those young kids while they are turning to teens !

There are 2 classes in every Sat. morning from 9:00-12:00 for higher level chess teens, and a relatively new class in Sunday morning from 10:30-12:00 for chess beginners of teens. 

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