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Classroom Specialized Activity Series 1 : CHESS-in-English SEED Program 才思西洋棋特色教學系列一 : 全英文種子培育計畫

才思西洋棋特色教學系列 : U7 ( 7歲以下 )

Educate young kids (under 7 )  with chess program which joined in English language training is one of our chess classroom specialized coaching programs. Kids are actually encouraged to communicate in English while playing chess during the lesson.

Those 4 kids, study at either average  kindergartens or primary schools in Taipei City , not even bilingual schools, are the first ones to be trained in 100% English-speaking during the chess lessons in our classroom. It is amazing to see the interactive model in between kids and coach, they speak fluent English without pressure , easily just to speak !

No doubt, the Under 7 CHESS SEED Program becomes one of our specialized chess lessons. It saves money and time for parents, it offers learning CHESS & ENGLISH simultaneously. 

CHESS SEED program

CHESS SEED program

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