2013 FIDE Women’s World Chess Team Championship in Astana, Kazakhstan 3/2-13 世界女子西洋棋團體錦標賽

2013 FIDE Women World Chess Team Championship

2013 FIDE Women World Chess Team Championship

Enjoy the live games and reports to learn from all women’s team !

The first round of WWTC in Astana got under way on the 3rd of March 2012. FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov made a first symbolic move in the game Nakhbayeva-Zatonskih to start a tense struggle between young ambitious team from Kazakhstan and a rating favorite of the match the team from the USA. For a long time it seemed that the match would finish in favor of the Central Asian team but Dinara Saduakasova, who was so close to the victory, made a mistake and let her opponent to make a draw. Thus, the USA team equalized the score and managed to save face.
There were no surprises in other matches – all other rating favorites managed to win quite confidently.
China and Russia lost only half a point each and was stronger in the matches against France and Romania respectively.
The appearance of Alisa Galliamova has come as quite a surprise. It’s well-known that Russian player prefers to travel by train, so just after few hours of rest she was playing chess and contributed to the victory of the team by defeating Alina L’Ami. In the game Kosteniuk-Bulmaga. Romanian player sacrificed 2 pawns in the opening but had enough compensation to secure a draw.
It was not difficult for Ukrainian team to outplay Indian team, which came here without such top three seeds as Humpy Koneru, Harika Dronavlli and Tania Sachdev.  World Champion Anna Ushenina and Ukrainian champion Maria Muzychuk won against Nisha Mohota and Rout Padmini and, after two draws on other boards, the final score is 3-1 in favor of Ukraine.
After the first round four teams are in the lead – China, Russia, Ukraine and Georgia. Pictures of the round 1.
symbolic move by FIDE president

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