Taiwan Chess Academy News

Taiwan Chase Chess : Winter Camp Activities_Create Learning Opportunity for HsinChu’s Players 新竹西洋棋體驗營

HsinChu teaching 01-21-2013_Coach Peter

HsinChu teaching 01-21-2013_Coach Peter

We worked with HsinChu a local famous English Learning Center to create an opportunity for children who maybe like chess potentially. The Winter camp was scheduled on 1/21, 28, & 2/4.

The first day, 1/21, we finished  Taipei Winter Camp for beginners, then really rushed to go. In order to deliver our quality of teaching, we would like the 2-hours lesson can be started on time, though we finally managed to make it by 3 min earlier, due to I made a wrong U turn and wasted 10 more minutes to go back the right track even we got GPS guiding! However, when we faced 13 kids with eager to learn chess in the classroom, we admitted it wasn’t that tiring !

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