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2012 Women’s World Championship : Who is the new chess queen?

 The last four strongest women players are struggling for World Championship for 2012.  Who will be the newest chess queen? Make a guess ?  Before you do so, you may want to catch up more information about the semifinal, please visit 

Anna Ushenina: This is my first World Championship semifinal

Ju Wenjun: Today I was lucky

Ju Wenjun defeated her compatriot Huang Qian on the tie-break and discussed the match at the press-center

Harika, Dronavalli (IND) : I was just keeping some traps


Harika, please tell us about this game. How did you manage to survive?


– In the opening I was just better and had initiative at some point.  After 16. Ra3 Qa5 I don’t know whether it was just slightly or much better for White. But then I started thinking, I felt I couldn’t calculate anymore and started to play very badly. And then I got a minus, lost position. Finally I was just keeping some traps and I got the chance to give perpetual check. I think practically my position was lost at any moment, for example after 66…Qe6.   I don’t know whether I have to say that I’m lucky or unlucky today. Tomorrow I want to play my best in the tie-break.

Antoaneta Stefanova

Antoaneta Stefanova (Bulgaria) convincingly defeated Marie Sebag (France). In the first game of the match emotions took over logic, and the spectators witnessed a completely crazy game with brilliant moves and horrible blunders coming from both sides at an alarming rate. Finally the French player got an overwhelming position with an extra piece, but the Bulgarian kept cool and capitalized on her opponent’s final blunder by promoting a passed pawn. Sebag had to return material, ended up down an exchange and resigned. The second game was one-sided, and Stefanova won convincingly, thus wrapping up the match 2-0. The former World Champion advanced to the semifinal.


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