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2012-2013 FIDE Grand Prix : 2nd stage in Tashkent 西洋棋大獎賽第二站:塔什干

FIDE Grand Prix 2nd Stage

The opening ceremony of the 2nd stage of FIDE Grand Prix Series 2012-2013 took place at the Gallery of Fine Art on the 21st of November. The event was attended by such honorable guests as the FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, the Deputy Prime-Minister of Uzbekistan Adham Ikramov, the Chairperson of Fund Forum’s Board of Trustees Gulnara Karimova and many others.

The organizers of the Tashkent tournament include FIDE (the World Chess Federation) in collaboration with Agon, the Chess Federation of Uzbekistan and Fund Forum.

2nd stage players’s average rating : 2747.1      LIVE GAME





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