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12/9 Taiwan School & Club Team Chess Championship is under registration

The 2012 Taiwan School & Club Team Championship 

Regulations  ( 修101臺北市全國賽團體賽競賽規程

  1. Document Approval Date: Nov 13, 2012 , Case No. 10130956700
  2. Purposes :Imitate World Chess Olympiad competitive model to promote team competition to foster sportsman spirit.
  3. Directed by Depart of Sports, Taipei City Government
  4. Organizer: Taipei Municipal Athletics Federation
  5. Undertaker : Department of Sports, Taipei City Government, Chess Association
  6. Sponsorship: Taiwan Chase Chess Academy, Vida Chess Center, A+ Chess Center, Taichung Gary Chess School, Kaohsiung NBA Chess.
  7. Date of competition: 2012 Dec 9th.  Reception: 9:00am till 9:20am ; 1st Round:  9:30am
  8. Venue: Taipei European School Campus (address: No. 727, WenLin Road, ShihLin District)  
  9. Sessions:
1. Primary School Team
2. Junior High School Team
3.  High School Team
4.  College or Club Team
Map of Taipei European School

Map of Taipei European School

10. Eligibility: For those who are studying at the primary, junior high, high school, college or chess fans can team up for competition. 3 teams come from the same school will reach the ceiling.

11. Rules:

(1). There are 3 players in each round will be sent. Points earned by win-loss of players from each board. Black wins, black earns 1 point. White wins, white earns 1 point. Black draws, black earns 0.5 point, vice versa. The sum of total points is to decide the team win or loss.

(2). There are 4 players in a team, minimum is 3. Players need to be assigned from number 1 to number 4 since registered. Replacement or change is prohibited. In each game, arbiter will check the sequential of player from a team.

(3). 3 or 4 players from the same school are preferred. Or otherwise 1 player allowed inviting from different school.

(4). Regulations are based upon FIDE chess law. Pairing and tie break are using Swiss Perfect 98 version.

(5). Time control:

25 minutes, 1 move 10 seconds, is set up for sessions of college or club team, high school team and junior high school team, and 5 Rounds in total.

30 minutes per game is set up for primary school team session. For those team do not break the tie after 30 minutes, will be asked to use chess clock with 5 minutes each to break the tie for each board, and 7 Rounds in total.

(6). Zero Late is allowed.

(7). Chief Arbiter will announce the rules of games. Kei Fai Liu, FA (FIDE Arbiter) is appointed.

12. Registration deadline: effective immediately to Dec 7th, 5:00pm

13. Entry

(1). Fill out the attached table 1 with details is requested.

Tel: (02) 8771-1436 Dina Chen


(2). Entry fee: NT$1000 per team. Free lunch box included. Fee is collected in the reception area is acceptable.

14. Awards; The top 4 teams in each session will be awarded by trophy, medal and paper certificate.

15. Remarks:

(1). Student ID is required.

(2). Game forfeits while false play discovered.

16. Organizer is eligible to set up rules excludes in above-mentioned; however pre-approval from federation must obey.

 2012 Taiwan school & Club Team Chess Championship

Registration Form


 Name of Team   
 Name of School  







Board Gender Name School name
 Board 1      
 Board 2      
 Board 3      


Contact person    Tel:             Mobile:


Remarks 1. The Details are required. Please send the registration form before deadline, Dec 7th, 5:00pm.2. Tel: (02)  8771-1436 Dina Chen     Email :

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