Taiwan Chess Academy News

2012 World Youth Chess Championship 西洋棋世青盃進行中

After a first dramatic day, which is completely normal for a tournament like WYCC, the championship continued with a second round. The championship reached a record number of participants – there are 1584 participants from 91 different countries! Most of the participants come from Slovenia (148), Russia (106) andUSA (89). A player with the highest ELO rating in the tournament comes from Poland – GM Swiecz Darius, who was the winner of last year’s World Junior Champion U20. Russian girl – WGM Aleksandra Goryachkina is one of the most famous faces in the girls section. She is competing in the U18 group, even though she is only 14 years old.

The first two rounds of the championships were full of surprises. Many favorites did not win, including GM Swiercz, who gave away a half point already in the first round.
For more concrete evaluations about who is more ready we will have to wait for a few
more rounds. We wish all the players best of luck in the next round!

The organizer posted DAILY REPORT  and GAME OF THE DAY for us to enjoy the games though we did not take part the game in person.

充滿驚奇的第一輪 ; 許多冠軍得主在第一輪棋中輸掉了. 但是這個比賽仍是以造就許多西洋棋明星的搖籃聞名. 今年男女各組共有1584個參賽者, 來自91個國家, 但是由於地處遙遠的歐洲, 參賽者仍以斯洛維尼亞(當地人148位) 及俄羅斯 ( 106 位) 及美國 (89 位) 居高不下. 大會提供每日新聞及每日精彩棋局分析可供未參賽者一個欣賞的機會.

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