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2012 Taipei Zhong Zheng Cup Chess Tournament (11/18) is under registration 中正盃個人賽報名中

2012 ZhongChengCup 中正盃

Dear chess players and chess parents,

Please be noted that Taipei Zhong Zheng Cup on Nov 18 (11/18, Sunday) is under registration now…

Download document here 修-101臺北市中正盃西洋棋競賽規 程_1   Regulations_ZhongChengCupChess Tournament 2012_English

Regulation in English : 

1. According to: This regulation has been approved by Sports Affair Council on Oct 12. with case No. 10130860100.

2. Mission: Promote the chess players sportsmanship with the fairness, openness and   competitiveness.

3. Organizers:

  • Department of Sports, Taipei City Government

  • Republic of China Sports Federation

  • Chinese Taipei Chess Association

4.  Undertakers:  Taiwan Chase Chess Academy, Vida Chess Center, 愛家教室

5.  Date of Competition;  Nov 18, Sunday, Reception: 9:00-9:20am , 1st round competition: start at  9:30am

6. Venue: The tournament will be held at Taipei City, Daan District, ChengGung Populace Activity Center ,

     Address: No.9, Aly. 30, Ln. 198, Siwei Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

7. Sessions by age

1   U6


2.  U8

2004.1.1 ~ 2005.12.31

3.  U10

2002.1.1.~ 2003.12.31

4.  U12

2000.1.1.~ 2001.12.31

5.  U14

1998.1.1.~ 1999.12.31

6.  U16

1996.1.1.~ 1997.12.31

7   Open

With no limitation, any age

8. Eligibility & Participation :

  • Chess fans and like-minded

  • In order to provide appropriate tournament conditions, each player only allowed registering under one session.

9. Tournament Rules :

  • system of play: The tournament will be conducted as Swiss System of 5 or 7 rounds according to FIDE regulations.

  • Time control: The time control is 25 minutes with 10 seconds increment per move from move one for U14,U16 & Open. The time control for U6,U8, U10 and U12 is 30 minutes in total per game. For those who do not break tie by end of 30 minutes would be asked to use chess clock to break tie with 5-minute for each player.

  • For those sessions are less than 8 registered players will be merged into next session in terms of age. In order to calculate Taiwan Rapid Chess Rating, ever players must participate and complete 5 games at least.

10. Registration : Please complete registration form in details in order to provide a good tournament.

11. Registration fee: NT$400 for members, NT$600 for non-members.  Lunch box is included for registration personnel.

       Registration fee is preferred to be collected by your coach or teacher. Otherwise, cash is also acceptable for

       registered players.

12. Deadline of registration : No later than 5:00pm on Nov 16, 2012 , NT$100 will be collected in addition due to late registration by Nov 17.

13. Prizes:

  • Top 3 places of U6,U8, U10 & U12 will be awarded by trophy, medal and paper certificate.

  • Top 3 places of U14, U16 and Open will be awarded by trophy, medal and paper certificate.

  • The 4th till 8th places of each session will be awarded by paper certificate only if registration of each session exceeds 8 players.

14. Remarks:

  • ID or student badge is requested to present for check in/out, if necessary.

  • Imposter founded will be disqualified and expelled from play hall immediately.

  • Organizer has rights to make changes of rules and to announce.


Attachment (1) : Registration Form

2012 Zhong Cheng Cup Chess Tournament Registration Form


Name First Name: Last Name:
Date of Birth School:
Participation Session e-Mail:
Contact info Home: Mobile:



1.Please e-mail us by 2012 Nov 16 end of day.

e-Mail : or

Tele consultancy: 02-87711436 or 02-27095111 , Mobile: 0932017761

2.   Vegetarian, please check here  ⇫

Regulation in Chinese  :  101年度臺北市中正盃西洋棋錦標賽競賽規程

一、依    據 :本競賽規程奉臺北市體育局101.10.12 北市體競字第10130860100號函核備辦理。

二、宗    旨:以棋會友增進國內棋手的實力,推廣台北市西洋棋的運動風氣。

三、指導單位 :臺北市政府體育局。

四、主辦單位 :臺北市體育總會。

五、承辦單位 :臺北市體育總會西洋棋協會。

六、協辦單位 :才思西洋棋院、威大西洋棋院、愛家西洋棋教室。

七、比賽時間 :101年 11 月18日(星期日) 上午 9:00 – 9:20 報到  9:30開始比賽

八、比賽地點 :臺北市成功國宅民眾活動中心((臺北市四維路198巷30弄9號)

九、比賽組別 :

組    別 備       註
1   6歲組 (U6) 95.1.1~
2.  8 歲組 (U8) 93.1.1 ~ 94.12.31
3. 10歲組 (U10) 91.1.1.~ 92.12.31
4. 12歲組 (U12) 89.1.1.~ 90.12.31
5. 14歲組 (U14) 87.1.1.~ 88.12.31
6. 16歲組 (U16) 85.1.1.~ 86.12.31
7. 公開組 (OPEN) 不限年齡


(ㄧ) 西洋棋愛好者。 ( 二)每一位選手限報名參加一組,不得跨組參賽。


(一) 國中組、高中組及公開組,比賽五輪快棋,每場比賽計時(鐘)每人25分鐘每步10秒競賽規則,細節在現場由裁判宣佈。(依據FIDE競賽規則為準則,由Swiss Perfect 軟體來計算)。(二) 6 歲組、8 歲組、10歲組、12歲組,比賽七輪快棋,每場比賽時間30 分, 超過30分時,由現裁判宣佈計時後以每人5分鐘。(由Swiss Perfect 軟體來計算) 。(三) 每組參賽人數若不足8人,則併入下一組比賽。每位參賽者需下完五輪者,賽後計算其快棋積分。


(一) 請詳細填寫個人報名表(如附表一 )或團體報名(如附表二 )

Email :

電話 : (02) 87711436




十三、報名時間 :

(一) 即日起至101年11月16日下午5時止

(二) 逾時報名者,每人將酌收工本費 100 元。


(一)  6 歲組8 歲組、10歲組及12歲組各組頒發前三名,獎盃一座、獎牌一個、 獎狀乙只。若該 組比賽人數超過8人(含)則增加五、六、七、八名頒發獎狀乙只, 同分者以同名次計算。(二) 國中組、高中組及公開組各組頒發前三名,獎盃一座、獎牌一個、獎狀乙只。





101中正盃西洋棋錦標賽  個人報名表
姓    名 中文:  英文 :
聯絡電話 住家:  手機:
備    註
  1. 請用電腦-詳細填寫報名表資料,於101年11月16日下午5時止,以e-mail方式報名:
  2.  電話: (02) 8771 1436 or
  3. e-Mail: 2709 5111 ,手機 0932017761  王瑟詠

3. 素食者請打勾  □

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