Taiwan Chess Academy News

Congratulations to Coach Hainan Yang for His Co-Hosting A Training Base of QingDao ChaoYin Group 恭喜楊海南老師進駐青島超銀國際象棋培訓基地

Congratulations to coach Yang ! 

Due to his proved  excellent achievements & based upon his credibility & dedication of time and efforts for the chess education in China in the past 10 years and in Taiwan in the past 3 years, he has been recognized by a hometown investor of education fields, ChaoYin Group, and has confirmed to be appointed recently to co-host  a  newly established chess training base for ChaoYin Primacy School & ChaoYin Middle School  .

Please joined me to congratulate coach Yang, and are looking forward to visiting this newly set up chess training base in the near future.

for more information, please visit ChaoYin Chess Training Base web page.

Coach Yang

Coach Yang

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