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Happy birthday to Taiwan Chase Chess Academy !

Dear all,

On behalf of Taiwan Chase Chess Academy, we would like to thank you for the time and participation of our monthly chess tournament and celebrating party yesterday, July 15.  It was fun and helpful in training up the young players as well. We are hoping that you all enjoyed and learned from the event and play a lot.

Especially we would like to thank Craig and Angie’s coming for full day event. Craig is one of top coaches in Taiwan, stationed at Taichung currently. He is also one of our alliance chess coaches in Taichung. We are looking forward to the Craig Summer Camp on 7/26-27 ! For Taipei students , if you are interested in it, let us know by e-mail us : taiwanchasechess@gmail.com. Or please ring us at : 02-27095111 for details.

Monthly tournament_0715

Monthly tournament_0715

And, it’s also a good opportunity to share one of parents’ comment yesterday : to join the regular monthly tournament is best way to train the kids up to better manage time and play skills. So don’t miss our monthly chess tournament.







There are 15 players to challenge open session. And the winners are Gerard Su ( from France) , Tony Lee and Black Jack.winners of July open session

winners of July open session



We got 10 young players from different countries , the winners are Quentin Chen, Amy Shih ( 石晴安) & Alexander Burton.

July Winners of young players

July Winners of young players











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