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Chess Result : Taipei Youth Chess Championship 6/3 青年盃比賽結果

I would like to thank all of you for those who contributed your time, participating, efforts and support to me, to us, to grow chess community in Taiwan.  Good games, good players and good team work ! Thanks again. 

謝謝大家的參與和努力, 我們可以看見參賽的熱情散發在棋手和工作人員身上.  我們會更努力求更大進步, 在每一方面.

          —Christina Wang —

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The followings are the results by session: 139 players  in total of sessions.

Open Session

chess-result-Open for Taipei Youth Chess Championship 2012

U14+U16 (combined) Sessions

chess-result-U14-U16 combined

chess-result-U14-U16 combined

U12 Session 



U10 Session


Session 8



U6 Session



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