Taiwan Chess Academy News

Coach Yang Hainan is coming back on 2/4

Good day, chess players and fans,

Indeed, it is a good news. Our Chief Coach, Mr. Yang (Fig. left one in purple )  is coming back on the coming Saturday morning after his return to China, QingDao to continue his study.  As usual, he will be the coach to assist our students to participate the chess tourney of  2012 Taiwan National Chess Championship  ( 台灣西洋棋國手賽)  which kicks off  the 1st preliminary tourney on 2/5 at Taipei NTU. For further information , please refer to our official website or chess association website.

For any advanced chess lesson plan, please e-mail us or ring us on 1/30 working hours from 9:00am till EOD (end of day, 6:00pm)  at 02-2709-5111 ; if you can’t reach us , please ring 0932-017-761 Christina for further discussion.

     In this DRAGON year, we wish you all a prosperous year and even fun in learning CHESS and playing CHESS. 

2011 Asian Dragons Chess Open

2011 Asian Dragons Chess Open

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