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National Chess Matches Kick Off on 2/13 at NTU, Taipei

Dear chess players,

Please be notified , the first National Chess Match will be kicking off on 2/13 ( coming Sunday) from 8:30am to the last round game.  Usually the Taiwan National Chess Matches kick off  in the early Feb. The selection criteria may be changeable due to annual basis renewal of chess match rules. And the selected players’ eligibility for worldwide  tournament participation within 2011 will be sustained.

To smooth the chess matches the arrangement for 2011, please submit your registration form by 2/11 ( Friday) end of day for 1st match at Taipei NTU ( National Taiwan University) . Based upon receiving of your  location-based entry form, Chinese Taipei Chess Association (TCA) will be handling your participation.

Before the whole process has completed, your submission of entry form and the acknowledgement of receiving have been confirmed by TCA , you have to become an eligible chess players according to National Chess Matches rules which had published prior to the kick-off.

Wish you all good luck in the coming match. Should you have any query, please leave your questions to Christina Wang for any advisories.  (e-mail : cdwangtw@yahoo.com.tw )

Chinese Taipei Chess Association

Chinese Taipei Chess Association

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