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Mission : To build up a platform of Taiwan Chess Education Excellence  

TCCA (Taiwan Chase Chess Academy)  was founded in 2010 by Christina Wang .

With passion to the children’s education via chess learning , Christina is based upon her sincere believe in building up A Platform of  Taiwan Chess Education Excellence for young players to develop a life skills in terms of reasoning , decision-making and think independent abilities. 

Value Proposition : To promote chess education excellence in order to foster players’ personality & life. 

The management team : 

Christina Wang  :

Founder, is responsible for setting up chess organizational operation  & HR ;  branding , marketing &  message communications


Hainan Yang :

Chief Coach, is responsible for coaching skills training & material availability

Hainan Yang

  • Join us to carry out the chess education philosophy as below :
  1. To cultivate both the talented  and non-talented chess players
  2. To contribute in the chess education and training programs in Taiwan
  3. In comply with the chess education from China and global
  • Sponsorship and Strategic Alliance are highly appreciated
  • Supervision and guidance are both well-adopted  by all TCCA members.
  • TCCA are well protected by copy right and intellectual property rights.
  1. Spokeswoman is Christina Wang, for further contact: christina.wang.tw@gmail.com 
  2. Please notify and confirm with Christina Wang to get  the permission of website  & blog hyper-link  and agreement of article for reference and quotation.
  3. All TCCA articles are well-protected by copycat software. You are well-notified by this notice.



臺灣才思西洋棋學院, Taiwan Chase Chess Academy ( TCCA) , 是由 王瑟詠 於 2010  成立, 並逐步建立一個臺灣西洋棋與國際交流接軌世界主要管道之一.


王瑟詠 ( Christina Wang ), 職責為人才庫與組織運作的建置, 品牌行銷與訊息溝通.

楊海南教練 ( Hainan Yang ), 職責為建立本學院專業西洋棋教學指導方針, 教材編撰等等

一: 本學院成立之宗旨

  1. 培訓台灣西洋棋優秀選手
  2. 對台灣西洋棋教育推廣與棋手訓練做出具體貢獻, 例如提供教材與課程, 師資培訓與養成, 舉辦各級比賽
  3. 聯結中國大陸和世界其他國家西洋棋之資源, 溝通和學習

二: 本學院歡迎各界贊助與策略聯盟

三: 本學院所有法律相關事項接受特聘的國際律師事務所及會計師事務所之監督與指導.

四: 著作權與商標專利權接受上述國際律師事務所相關部門監督

  1. 本網站一切著作內容引用請洽發言人: Christina Wang at christina.wang.tw@gmail.com
  2. 請勿將本網站一切著作擅自轉貼竄改: 本學院保留追溯權
  3. 本網站使用 copycat, 自動追蹤未經同意之引用與轉貼

請洽連絡人及發言人(spokeswoman) : Christina Wang


Reception area

家長休息室   接待區


Our classrooms 

classroom for Group lesson 2classroom for private lesson

another classroom for private or small group lesson  大教室

Official Website

Official Website


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