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To promote Chess Education Excellence in order to foster players' personality & life. 推廣臺灣西洋棋卓越教育, 完善人格與生活.

6/28 第一屆全國大學盃西洋棋錦標賽 ( The University Cup of Taiwan 2015 )

  競賽規程比賽辦法 : 一、宗 旨:推動高等教育支持西洋棋教育符合世界潮流並以棋會友增進國內棋手的競賽實力,推廣全國西洋棋的運動風氣。 二、指導單位 : 桃園市政府、桃園市體育局、桃園市體育會 三、協辦單位 : 臺北市立大學理學院、國立體育大學競技學院、臺灣大學土木系與水工試驗所、清華大學西洋棋社團 四、承辦單位 : 桃園市體育會西洋棋委員會 五、比賽時間 :104年6月28日(星期日) 上午 9:00 – 9:20 報到 9:30開始比賽 六、比賽地點 :台北市立大學台北市愛國西路一號公誠樓四樓 七、比賽組別 : 組 別 備 註 … Continue reading

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2015 Chase Chess 2nd Half Activities: Tournaments & Training Seminars

You can download 2015 Second Half competitions & Seminars from here :

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2015 summer chess camp 全英文西洋棋夏令營

Chess camp by calendar in a weekly basis 課程內容  ( downloadable 請下載) 2015 summer chess camp  

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2015 Chase Chess Collection for Your Choices Online

2015 Chase Chess Collection for Your Choices Online, coming soon…( 臺灣才思西洋棋網路專賣店即將在春季上架 , 敬請期待… )  

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May 16th, Hsinchu Monthly Tournament Results and Standings

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Hsinchu Area Monthly Online Registration 新竹西洋棋月賽

Online Registration via Google Forms  Downloadable : 新竹月賽_競賽規則_saturday chess.docx Image files :   Online Registration via Google Forms should look like this, if not, please send us eMail for resend the link. … Continue reading

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April 26 Monthly Tournament Result and Simultaneous Play

We would like to appreciate coach Sun and 26 young players participating our Monthly Tournament on April 26. It was exciting to have coach Sun from China this week. Coach Sun … Continue reading

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March 29 Monthly Tournament Result and Participation

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